Raymond A. Geiger Elementary School
About Us
Quote that says "There is a difference between not knowing and not knowing yet  - Shelia Tobias"

Raymond A. Geiger Elementary School was built in 2009.  Originally, there was a neighborhood school called Pettingill Elementary School.  When Geiger was built students and staff from Pettingill School and some from Montello School combined to make Geiger.  We have approximately 700 students in grades Pre-K to Grade 6.  We are home to a diverse population and we love celebrating what makes everyone unique.  There are over ten languages spoken at Geiger!  We believe that what makes us different also makes us special.  We also believe that the things that challenge us are also the things that make us stronger and learn more!  We truly believe in a growth mindset.  WE ARE ALL LEARNERS... we just all learn in different ways and at different paces.  What we don't know... is what we don't know YET!  Staff and students learn something new every day.  We all learn from each other!